Warm Greetings to you,

Great personal growth can happen when you take the principles and process of Dr. Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model along with inclusion of the body in a wide range of methods and techniques.

With calm curiosity and care you can, on your own or with support, listen in to all different aspects, or parts of yourself.  A hint that a part is showing up can be seen in simple things like a thought, a sensation in the body, a core belief, an emotion, or a behavioral response. Noticing and spending time with these hints from a place of compassion I call Inward Listening

Whether through individual or group therapy, consultation, or my trainings, I am here to support your own discoveries, adventure, and growth as you invest in yourself by Inward Listening.

Consulting with Brenda is essentially getting to work with an IFS Master.
I find her to be a reservoir of great wisdom, spot-on intuition, rock-solid support and sophisticated grace.”

— Sarah Severson, IFS Practitioner