Individual Therapy

“I have worked with Brenda as my IFS therapist for over 5 years.  In that time I felt consistently held, understood and even elevated by Brenda’s input and facilitation.  Brenda has a very non-threatening way about her and creates the kind of space for her clients that feels safe and truly welcomes all parts.  She made me feel that she genuinely cared and at the same time was masterful in her application of the IFS approach which I came to value greatly.” 

— S.A., IFS Practitioner

“After decades of recovery from alcohol addiction I found myself in a stuck place.  I am a self-employed life coach and my success depends upon two things:  1. My ability to show up as the highest version of myself for my clients, and 2. My ability to attract new clients.  Upon completing a one-year coach training program, I found it difficult to do either. The business I had been building for 4 years was shrinking as was my confidence.  After just four visits with Brenda, I regained my confidence and found the willingness and ability to rebuild my business.” 

— Bill Tierney, Personal Development Coach, Life Coach Trainer, IFS Practitioner |

“Brenda has provided the space for my SELF to become intimate with (so many, if not all!) my parts by noticing, inviting, and being present with each in such a way that they felt safe unblending. It seems my entire attachment system, which helps me connect with others and holds beliefs about myself, now has deep trust in my SELF. In diagnostic terms I would have been considered an “echoist,” my young parts having no sense of boundaries and self-leadership but having formed attachment through becoming invisible and living for the purpose of others. Through Brenda’s use of IFS, cranial-sacral, and energy work, I FEEL embodied and have clarity about what is mine and what is not. I have been able to invite back, win the qualities of SELF that were exiled. I get to enjoy their gifts and their presence. My system was looking for Brenda to take us to the next level of healing and she was the perfect guide.”

S.M., LMHC, IFS Practitioner

“I came into Brenda’s practice having already experienced a fair amount of somatic therapy but was immediately struck by how unique Brenda’s style was. What I have learned by working with her is that there is truly no limit (outside of timing) to that which can be healed/transformed/unburdened within the body-mind-spirit. In one session she helped me release an unhealthy belief pattern being carried by the individual cells and tissues of my heart, and the physical chest pain I’d been having for many years resolved and hasn’t returned. Brenda’s skill set also includes lineage work, or legacy unburdening. With Brenda’s gentle guidance and imaginative tools (often nature based) I have been able to let go of very old limiting habits and beliefs that have most likely been passed down for generations in my family. Over the course of this year I feel like I’ve come from a place of great struggle, to a place of more freedom, openness, security and self-love, and much of that has to do with my work with Brenda. I am very grateful.”

S.B., Acupuncturist, IFS Practitioner-in-training

“I have worked with Brenda in her capacity as an IFS therapist for five years. At the start of my journey with Brenda I had very little capacity for Self-energy. In my most stressful and scary times Brenda was able to hold enough Self energy for me and the space we were in so that I felt safe with her but more importantly my system felt safe. As I have been able to grow in my own ability to stay in Self energy, Brenda has become a valuable teacher for me in helping me to learn what it looks like to live from a place of inner connection. I have great respect for Brenda and consider her to be one of the greatest gifts I have been given as I navigate my journey towards wholeness.”

Alison D., IFS Practitioner

“Brenda is gentle, strong, tender, intuitive, and has a connecting spirit. She has a gift for holding and creating healing empowering spaces.”

— T.E., IFS Practioner


“Brenda is a skillful group facilitator and group leader.  I especially appreciate her ability to create the kind of group structure that speaks to both the needs of individual participants and the group as a whole.  She is sensitive and intuitive, and I have experienced first hand the level of trust that people have in sharing deeply and participating wholeheartedly in the groups Brenda offers.”

S.A., IFS Practitioner

“I have been in several IFS groups where Brenda has been the leader. Brenda is able to build connection and safety for all and to create a space for all participants and their parts to feel welcome as they are. Brenda is an excellent teacher both by words and by example. In the groups I have participated in she was talking about the 8 “C’s” of the Self. She is highly creative in approaching the different “C’s” by using different activities each week during the groups 8 weeks for meetings. She allows plenty of time for self-reflection and is good at allowing for the participants to choose how much they want to share. I have learned something new in all her groups I have been involved in.”

Alison D., IFS Practitioner


“Consulting with Brenda is essentially getting to work with an IFS Master.  I find her to be a reservoir of great wisdom, spot-on intuition, rock-solid support and sophisticated grace.  I count myself lucky to be able to look to her as a resource.”

— Sarah Severson, IFS Practitioner

Workshops / Trainings

“Brenda goes beyond being a skilled educator. She brings the work to life. Her presentation at the IFS Annual Convention was of the highest caliper I have experienced. She is organized and precise, delivering just the right balance of theory and practice, like a well-choreographed dance that swept me away and into a real feeling of embodied understanding of the material. Every word sunk in and tied into what I already knew, and then expertly guided me to new places that expanded my perspective and opened me into wild new possibilities. Her experiential exercises were simple yet profound, intricately woven between stories that were compelling, and practice tools that I could immediately use in my practice. I walked away inspired and empowered, savoring every tidbit of the immense amount of material she was able to bestow, in the most delicate and gentle of ways. I hope you get a chance to experience this, as I did!”

Donia Henderson, LPC, LMT |